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Odium - "No Way Out"

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Odium - "No Way Out"

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"No Way Out" marks the long awaited return of Odium and is the first single off of their new release "Burning the Bridges to Nowhere"!

Founded in 2006 by drummer Joe Mullen and vocalist Tom Emmans, Odium was born in order to create a focused project centered on the themes of growth and attrition. After being joined by bassist Dale Burrows and guitarists Bo Louther and Andrew Fullerton, it was clear that the band was quickly becoming a cohesive group of musicians that had found their strengths in each other’s ability to contribute to the writing process. In fact, it’s the serious nature of the band that wasn’t just a contributing factor to Odium's birth, but one that’ll be responsible for their prosperity.

With the release of their Glass Barricade EP in 2007 Odium began opening for established acts such as Fuck the Facts and Arise and Ruin and gave the band a taste for playing. The fact is, Odium have worked hard for everything they’ve ever obtained, a true test to their character and a deciding factor for Year of the Sun Records to sign the band in early 2009. "I think when you hear Odium, you really get a sense that this band doesn’t settle for anything unless it’s rock solid," states Year of the Sun president Chris Benn. "It’s always exciting to start working with a band that hasn’t had the road before them paved with that silver shine that greets a lot of bands nowadays. These guys have had to really work for everything and I really think that Odium has the potential to become pretty huge in the coming years."

Most convincing is Odium's arsenal of musical weapons that contribute to their overall sound and in order to properly harness it, the band sought out Canadian producer Greg Dawson (The End, Moneen, Choke) in order to lay down their first full length record. What resulted was At The Bottom, a ten track metal opus underlining the quintet’s penchant for writing metal songs that are as heartfelt as they are heavy. Reminiscent of Killswitch Engage, Soilwork, and In Flames, tracks like "Oblivion’s Gates", "Serenity’s End" and "It Goes Cold" clamp down on Odium's emotional hybrid of epic crescendos and fiery heaviness.

Having recently filmed their first video with director Chad Archibald (HED p.e., Kottonmouth Kings, Arise and Ruin, Farewell to Freeway) and with a major east coast tour planned for 2009, Odium are on the verge of breaking through with not just a great sounding record but, a fresh and honest belief that through real hard work comes true reward. With At The Bottom, Odium's ascension seems as imminent as it is deserving.

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