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Abiotic - "Vermosapien"

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Abiotic - "Vermosapien"

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Abiotic Defy the Laws of Nature and Release the "Vermosapien"!

Abiotic is an American progressive, technical death metal band from Miami, Florida. The five-piece group consists of vocalist Ray Jimenez, bassist Alex Vazquez, drummer Andres Hurtado and guitarists Matt Mendez and Johnathan Matos. The band has released two singles and a seven song studio EP entitled 'A Universal Plague'. "Vermosapien", the second track on the EP, has recently been featured on the quintet's first music video, directed by Dan Drescher.

Abiotic is agressive, melodic, technical and musical, to say the least. They've been compared to bands like The Faceless and Veil of Maya. Mixing technical riffs, brutal break downs, and solos that will leave you breathless makes this five-piece assault an act that fans won't ever want to miss.

All the members in the band are skilled and bring a very special ingredient into the mixing pot of talent that is Abiotic. The band has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some of the greatest bands in their genre, suchas: Within the Ruins, Wretched, The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza and many more.

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